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Official FAQ Chitu
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03-15-2016, 06:51 AM
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Need step by step for Del...
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  how 3d printing works ?
Posted by: christianadesouza - 10-18-2017, 05:05 AM - Forum: General 3D Printing Chit Chat - No Replies

The 3D printing process turns a whole object into thousands of tiny little slices, then makes it from the bottom-up, slice by slice. Those tiny layers stick together to form a solid object. Each layer can be very complex, meaning 3D printers can create moving parts like hinges and wheels as part of the same object.

Essay writing service reviews

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  3D Printing for architecture
Posted by: triwar - 11-19-2016, 11:57 AM - Forum: General 3D Printing Chit Chat - Replies (1)

one can build realistic and detailed architectural models by using monotech 3D printer which helps to promote a project by showcasing them in a visually striking way. 3D Printing saves time because if we build an architectural model manually, it can take several days and using 3d printer, it delivers a result within hours. For larger and complex models, 3D printer can operate overnight which take longer to print. Final result of the architectural models by 3D printing are exact structure that have been or will be built. The detailed architectural model requires a fine print resolution, a wide choice of 3d printing materials and colors and the ability to manufacture complex structure. SLA 3D printer are best suit for this. To add more real visualizing effect, some advance 3d printers are there to print outdoor terrains and render various textures and colors, for awe-inspiring results. Showing beautiful architectural 3D models usually helps in promoting a project and getting more new clients by making a strong impression.

   3D Printer transform sketches and model drawings to real models easily.
   For shape studies, it is the perfect tool.
   One of the valuable way of communicating ideas to colleagues as well as towards the client by using real models of your project. 3D Drawings created on a computer may not always be capable to read or understand to your clients.
   only less time needed to build an architectural models using 3D Printer. You can do other work while your 3D printer does all the work.
   You can save more time instead of building model by hand.
   3D Printing can not only be used for sketch models, also presentation models can be printed to quickly pitch designs.

3D Printer help to print all type of complex shapes and highly detailed designs that will be too time consuming if they were build by hand.
[Image: architecture11.jpg]

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  What is the future of 3D priting?
Posted by: 3dtech - 06-22-2016, 09:31 AM - Forum: General 3D Printing Chit Chat - Replies (4)

3d printing is a fantastic tool- not really a new industry. It has been around for a while but it is making the news now because it has become cheap and easy enough for people to make or buy and operate their own 3d printers (entered the consumer space).

I say its a fantastic tool because it is. Its future is in enabling people to prototype and experiment more with physical objects. Before it was so cheap, it was difficult for the average person to engineer new inventions/prototypes or everyday items. People were pretty much limited to creating software products. Now, all of the advantages of software development (cheap, easy, ect.) are coming to the physical world.

So, like the explosion of software creation we saw recently enabled by cheap computers, cheap manufacturing (3d printers) will enable an explosion of engineered physical products (including hardware/software integration, network connectivity, ect.)

Thats the future.

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  Printer Suddenly Stopping - Display not working
Posted by: rickhoran - 05-20-2016, 05:37 AM - Forum: CBD-Tech - Replies (3)

I've got two Rapide 3d Lite 200 XL v2s. Machine #1 needs a new SD memory card PCB which I found online and am now waiting to arrive. That machine also has an unresolved issue with the display immediately indicating (on start-up) that the hot end is at temperature, when in fact it is not.

Machine #2 was working OK up till about a week ago now has two issues, possibly related that have me dead in the water. At first the thing would just stop in the middle of a print without warning, symptoms or indication as to why. It just stops the hot end cools and the nozzle fuses to the part. Lately the thing isn't even starting. I press the power button which lights up and the fan comes on but that's it. Display is dead and I cannot do anything.

I took the printer apart and reseated the ribbon cable into the mother board and then it worked for about 5 minutes, then died. I took everything apart again. This time I also reseated the ribbon cable in the display housing. Again the display initially turned on but as soon as I hit the button for preheat, it shut down.

Neither of the machines has ever worked with the USB cable. I am pulling out what little hair I have left. Any ideas?

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  3D Scanning for business
Posted by: keLarque - 05-02-2016, 07:03 AM - Forum: 3D Printers and Scanners - Replies (7)

Hello there. Can someone help me know more about 3D Scanning and how it could be useful for my business? Thanks

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  How To Make a 3D Model from Photos in 5 Easy Steps
Posted by: 3dtech - 03-25-2016, 06:15 AM - Forum: 3D Printing Pictures and Videos - Replies (1)

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Capture the object through Digital Photos.

Step 2: Create a 3D Model from Photos: Upload your images to Autodesk 123D Catch

Step 3: Review and clean up your 3D model.

Step 4 (Bonus!): Edit your 3D Model and Tap into Your Creative Spark

Step 5: 3D Printing Based on your Images: Print your 3D Model with i.materialise.

more : 3d printed objects

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Posted by: 3dtech - 12-15-2015, 11:14 AM - Forum: General 3D Printing Chit Chat - Replies (2)

The Technology of printing physical 3D objects from digital data using vertical axis manufacturing process is called “additive manufacturing.”

The amount of material, the rotation of the platform and the design of the object is administered in a computer controlled environment.

This technology allows for complex shape, size and dimensions which are not easily or economically available using traditional manufacturing tooling methods. 3D printing services baroda gujarat india  allows low cost production of highly specific, low volume products or mass markets quicker.

Remove unwanted restrictions to your designs, produce prototypes as one unit or pre-built unit assembly to aid in mass manufacturing.

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  Ready your lasers, the Industrial SLS war is on. #3dprinting
Posted by: - 11-18-2015, 12:52 AM - Forum: General 3D Printing Chit Chat - Replies (3)

Ready your lasers, the Industrial SLS war is on. #3dprinting 
Printer, software, its products, technology, service,
up-stream material filaments, metal powder of high performance, equipment etc.

Are U ready?

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  Need step by step for Delta printer
Posted by: danikurnianto - 07-01-2015, 11:04 PM - Forum: CBD-Tech - Replies (1)

is there any english document I can follow for Delta printer?

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Lightbulb Official FAQ Chitu
Posted by: goldenboy - 05-05-2015, 03:53 AM - Forum: CBD-Tech - Replies (1)

Is Chitu open source?
A: Chitu board is closed source, you can however still input settings for it using the included configuration file.

Where is the firmware for Chitu and how do I change settings for it? 
A: The firmware are prebuilt inside the Chitu board and can only be accessed by the developer of the board, CBD-Tech. Instead of using the firmware to setup your printer there is a configuration file that works like an anchor for the pre-build firmware. You need to edit that configuration file to change any settings. 

If you going to use Chitu for cartesian structures, please choose the "Normal type (XYZ and HBOT and Ultimaker)" catalogue and select the "Complete machine parameters" file to edit.

If you going to use Chitu for Delta and Kossel  structures , please choose the "Other types (Delta and Kossel)" catalogue and select the "Complete machine parameters" file to edit.

Open the configuration file with notepad.

Inside the Complete machine parameters file, there is instruction how to set the different parameter. Many of the parameter are preset and you just need to simple input "0","1","2" and so on.

Once you have setup all files, simple put the file in a sd card, then put the card inside Chitu. Startup and press "print" to load all data in the configuration file to the builtin firmware.  

You have successfully setup your Chitu board =)

Where can I get all the drivers, manuals for the Chitu board?
You can download all drivers at the official international homepage  at 3Dfilamenta: Chitu 3D Printer Board (at the bottom of the product page).

I bought a 3D printer with your board, can I get the firmware from you?
A: If you bought a 3D Printer using our board, you need to contact the manufacturer for the firmware. 

Can this motherboard replace my current board which is not a Chitu? I have both a cartesian(XYZ) and a delta structure 3D printer?

A: The Chitu 3D Printer Motherboard can replace any 3D printer´s board that has the same same structure as:
1. Reprap Prusa i3
2. Makerbot
3. Ultimaker
4. Delta 3D printers

At the complete machine parameter file, there is a code, all configuration is already preset you just need to assign the correct structure for your 3D printer. For example if you want to build a Ultimaker style 3D printer, simple change the 0 to 2. Like this: M8029  I2

;structure types for limit switch
;0: reprap type of machine , often use repetier-host and cura, and the position of limit switch is at the zero point of X and Y. Position-limit should connect to X-,Y- and Z-
;1: makerbot type of machine£¬often use slicing software of replicatorG/makerware/makerbot desktop, and the position of limit switch is at the maximum value of X and Y. Position-limit should connect to X+,Y+ and Z-
;2: ultimaker type of machine, both sides have limit switches
;For delta types of machine, this instructions will be neglected and the limit switches are all connected to X+,Y+ and Z+
M8029  I0    ;0: Unilateral zero limit£¬such as mendel,i3...    1: Unilateral maximum point limit£¬such as makerbot   2£º bilateral limit£¬such as ultimaker

Q: What is the difference between V3.1 and V3.6?
A: V3.1 is the first Chitu board released for international public with lots of features. Due high demand from 3D-printer manufacturer, CBD-Tech decided to release a improved version of the Chitu board, the V3.6 which allows the user to add even more custom hardware moduls for future upgrades. This said, V3.6 differ in the way it is much more upgradeable than before. Some minor component have also been improved or exchanged in the V3.6 board.

Q: How do I is the difference between V3.1 and V3.6?
A: At the back of the Chitu board, you can find the version number. Please see picture below.
[Image: 2hoxlqf.jpg]

Q: I can not connect my PC with any software e.g Repetier-Host, why?
A: First, make sure that you connect to the correct baud rate, it should be 115200. Secondly Tick the”USE PING PONG COMMUNICATION” on your software if available. Third make sure or test that your USB cable really is connected and work, you can test with other devices to confirm this.

Q: If the input voltage is 24V, can the other accessories be 12V?
A: NO, if you use 24 V in, then all the other accessories such as fan, heated bed, hotend, etc must also be 24V. NEVER mix 24 V with 12 V or you may burn the board!

Q: Is it possible to input steppar motor on the CBD THB7128 External Motor Drive?
A: Two stepper motors 42 could be input in THB7128 External Motor Drive, but 57 couldn't.

Can I use 24V and 12V accessories?
A: If you connect 24V in, the Chitu board need to have heated bed,hotend,cooling fans and everything else in 24V. Make sure of this before turnin the power on.
NEVER have 24V in with 12V accessories at the same time else the board may get burned. As for the LED screen 5V is OK. 

Q: Is it possible to implement customized company logo/translation or new functions to the Chitu?
A: As the firmware is closed source, it means only the developer have access to it. Instead if you want to add logo, translation, new function or new design, you must pay for this extra feature/services and the developer will help you update the firmware according to your wishes.

Q:Is the Chitu compatibel with making big prints such as 500x1000x1000mm?
A: Yes, however you need to buy a own driver for that, recommended is 8825 or THB7128 driver

A: This function was firstly only developed for delta 3D printers. Use this for automatic leveling of delta printers. Using this switch will also make the system detect broken filaments or not straight filament. However to use this function, an external customized function is needed in the firmware.
Anyone that want the "Broke wire test" function for XYZ(Cartesian) structures need to update the firmware. This update cost extra.

A:This is reserved for the interface, which offers customized interface, currently not open source.

How do you change the origin of the end stop?
If you open the machine parameter file: “Complete machine parameters V1.2.0” , there is a section in English that explains this.
For example in the file you can find this text:
;structure types for limit switch
;0: reprap type of machine , often use repetier-host and cura, and the position of limit switch is at the zero point of X and Y. Position-limit should connect to X-,Y- and Z-
;1: makerbot type of machine£¬often use slicing software of replicatorG/makerware/makerbot desktop, and the position of limit switch is at the maximum value of X and Y. Position-limit should connect to X+,Y+ and Z-
;2: ultimaker type of machine, both sides have limit switches
;For delta types of machine, this instructions will be neglected and the limit switches are all connected to X+,Y+ and Z+
M8029  I0    ;0: Unilateral zero limit£¬such as mendel,i3...    1: Unilateral maximum point limit£¬such as makerbot   2£º bilateral limit£¬such as ultimaker"

In order for you to setup the correct configuration, simple just insert correct number on the config file and then save. You can only choose between 0, 1 or 2. The setting is already pre-configured.
For example if your machine is setup like Makerbot, then just remove the 0 before I and replace it with  1 in the field and save.
For example, I0 or I1 or I2

There is a button called "MORE" at the Chitu display, what does it means?
A: It is an extensible button and have no function, it is for some customers who want us to customize special needs for them.

I have a 12 V heated bed, what should the maximum current be?
A:The maximum current is 15A, but the proposal is about 10A.

What is the recommended watt in for the hotend?

What is the normal Ampere value for the fan?
A:Fans hould be 1 A.

The connector for a switch has +,- and S designation. What does this mean?
A:The connector for the switch that has +,- and S designation is for ordinary mechanical switch, this means any normal mechanical switch can be used.

We are using mechanical switches. How do we connect them to the connector?
A:Connect them by using the S and –, S need to be connected

Is "S" a common, + normally open and "-" normally closed?
A:General two lines of the limit switch is connected to s and -

We still couldn't find a problem in our wiring. Could a problem be a mistake in a firmware?
A: In general,  firmware does not cause burn motherboard.
Normal reason for burning board is: Wiring is not connected well causing a short circuit or that the power component is too large, out of range.

There is two different voltage jumper to choose, which one is fit for me?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1]

Picture above (USB 5V Power Supply): Use this if you want to have the ability to use the touchscreen while power supply is turned off. You need to have USB connected to your computer with power on to be available to use the touchscreen.

Picture below (Power Supply 12-24V): Use this if you want the touchscreen to work only when the power supply is switched to on. USB and touchscreen won´t work even if power supply is off.

Where do I connect power switch adapter to the Chitu?
See pic below
[Image: SYPOX6G.jpg]

The Chitu 3D printer board works fine, but the extruders motor doesn’t move and are blocked, what is happening?
A:The Chitu V1.3 is mostly compatible with Nema 17 steppar motors (also known as 42 steppar motor). Others steppar are also compatible but is not in Chitu´s recommended list. As long the stepper motor is compatible with the stepper motor driver chip A4988 it can be used for Chitu.

Q: The extruder stepper locks and won't turn. Any ideas?
A: The extruder driver voltage standard is 0.85V, we suspect the driver voltage are not correct, please change it to 0.85V. Please see below question for answer how to tune in.

What should the driver chip voltage be?
A:The driver chip voltage should be 0.85V, if it is more than that the motherboard will react with stopping the extruder motors and go "offline"". If the voltage is less than 0.85V then you need to tune it up in order to give the board more voltage to function. Please tune it to 0.85V.
(0.85V is the standard settings, most of the stepper motor should work, some of the motor current is too large or too small, it can be adjusted a bit, currently calculated current is: drive voltage /0.8= drive current)

To Tune in, please do like this:
- First press the emergency stop button on the touchscreen 
[Image: Z5KQBVI.jpg?1]
- To measure, set the multimter as pic below:

[Image: c6uc4oM.jpg]
Y can tune the voltage,  slowly tune the knob to 0.85V.

Warning do not spin the knob to fast! Voltage should be adjusted gradually, otherwise it will be too large power outage and that is when the Chitu board react and power is turned off. This is a protective measure.

Q: What is maximum current the board can handle?
A: Maximum 15A, as long as it do not exceed 15A everything will float perfectly.

Q: What power transistor is being used in the Chitu?
A:The current transistor we use can handle and does not exceed 15A

Q: Is the board capable of controlling the speed of the fans?
A: Yes

Q: Does the board need extra cooling?
The best is to add an extra fan to prevent damage on the electronic because of slight heat. It all depends on how your printer are built and where you place the board. 

Q: Does the board use FTDI?
A: Currently FTDI is not being used, instead the board is using PL2303TA.

Q: Is it possible to distinguish between a board with Thermocouple/Thermistor and without from their outlook?
A:  Yes, if the board have Thermocouple then there is a plug (MAX6675), if the board is Thermistor there is no plug and no MAX6675. 

The board  is using K-type thermocouple.

At the "Complete Machine Parameter" file, at M8080 you can see the different types of temperature sensor supported.

For example:

M8081 I0 ;Types of temperature sensor :
0: Ideal NTC 100K 1% 3950 B  (represents the thermal resistance,)
1: K-Thermocouple , ( representatives thermocouple)
2:EPCOS NTC 100K 1% 3950 B, corresponding to the type 1 sensor of marlin

Which Chitu firmware version supports Wi-Fi?
From V3.6

How do I configure the parameter setting?
A: Open the parameter setting file and locate the M8011 S0.00225 . The mm value may be wrong, please double check it.
M8011 S0.00225            ;mm value of each step of E. This value is equal to the 1/3200 circumference of extruder gear. In addition, if there are retarding devices, it needs to be divided by the reduction ratio;if the setting is has relatively thin wire, or it has frequent faults, the value is recommended to be smaller than the real value, so that the wire is better.

Which sensors are suitable for the Chitu ? I found a video review of your motherboard in video shows the work of 2 sensors at 7:05
What are these sensors called ?
The video is actually a video made by the developers, they have online tutorials, but it is all in Chinese.
As for the question, one is the photoelectric limit switch (optical endstop), one is a mechanical limit switch (mechanical endstop). FYI this board supports most limit switches in the market, including inductive proximity sensor.

Q: How do I flash the firmware? (ONLY FOR MANUFACTURERS)
To flash the firmware:
Download the correct firmware by contacting us at 3DFM Store at Extract the file and do not change the file name of the extracted files. (Observe there is two different firmware, one for the 2.8" and another for the 3.5" display, do not mix up these two.)- We advise you to contact us before updating.

If the files comes in an unpacked format, such as rar, please unrar it. (You can download winrar to unrar it)
Put all the files in a SD card (normally: Update.cbd (this is the firmware), Ui.bin and Back_ground_intro_LCD_bmp.11.compress (some version do not have the bin file and the compress file))
Put the sd card into the Chitu board SD slot.
Power on your Chitu controller board
When you hear some beeping sound and the display has turned on the flashing is complete. If there is no beeping sound, then it means your firmware have not been flashed correctly. Then please go back to step 1.
To finish the update, you must also save some settings for the printer and you do this by printing the “UI.bin” file and then the “Back_ground_intro_LCD_bmp.11.compress” file , only after this,  the flashing is 100% complete (some version do not have the bin file and the compress file which means you do not need to care about this step).

Questions asked by forum members/ customers

Question: I have replaced the main board in my "UP Mini" printer with the Chitu single extruder board. The Z end stop on my printer is at the bottom of machine instead of at the top like other machines. So the Z axis homes at the bottom of the machine instead of at the top. Is there a line of code for the firmware that would tell the printer to go to max travel and drop as it prints? Right now it homes at the bottom and rises as it is printing which obviously wont work.
I have the Z end stop plugged into the Z "Min" on the main board.

Also my end stops are normally on
I can get the Z axis to go to the Z end stop and stop but when printing a test model the heat bed does not know how far to rise to get to the nozzle. I have tried setting the max Z distance extra high and extra low but it doesn't make a difference. I don't see a Z minimum setting in the G-code firmware

It should be available just setting the ZMAX to the maximum point limit.
in the M8029 in the paramter file,  set the value to 1.

0=Unilateral zero limit; such as mendel i3
1=Unilateral  maximum point limit; such as makerbot
[Image: chitucode.jpg]
You can find the code as in the pic above. Currently you can find the limit switch position there, mostly in the left front or right rear, not placed in the left rear. X-axis can be placed to the right of the limit switch

Question: On your CBD-Tech's Chitu V3.6 controller board, is there any connections so I can add external Stepper drivers?
A: Yes, there are. You can add external stepper drivers. Close to the original "Stepping motor" connections, beneth the flanges there are 4 pins connections where you can add your external stepper drivers.
At the back of the board there is small text with the XYZ (R12X1, R12Y1,R12Z1,R12E1) positions also. You can also download the schematic at our site to see the whole Chitu board schematic.
[Image: SaYZ2OQ.jpg]

Question: The Chitu board is custom upgraded and now have the "paus and continue" function. The board is of dual extruder type and hence uses two filament while printing. When one of the filament has ended it does not stop, why?
A: In order to use this function for both filament you must connect the “S” sign together at the board. To do this either solder it or knot it together to connect.
If it is not connected together the Chitu will only react on one filament.
[Image: p2ks5vf.jpg]

Question: Where do I set the distance between extruder one and extruder two to allow so they can print aligned?
A: You can modify the distance in the machine parameters file.

Find this text and modify it:
;Set the excursion of the second extruder(the right extruder), the unit is mm, When the nozzle number is set to 2, the following two parameters to take effect
M8031 S35.0  ; the excursion of X direction
M8032 S0  ; the excursion of Y direction
Question: When the power is turned off the display is still on, why?
A:  In the configuration file, find M8001 and M8002, these two parameter should be set to 0.

Question: We use 4.3 touch panel. Is possible to use it on your board?
A:  Currently we just support two kinds of sizes, the 2.8" and 3.5" screen.  Others, such as 4.3" is currently not supported.

Question: Do Chitu V3.6 support 1/16 driver?
A:  The board default is 1/16 driver only, we believe it is enough.

Question: Is possible to personay modify the firmware for our purpose?
A:  As the firmware is closed source, only CBD-tech can make changes in it. If you want to make changes in the firmware you need to provide us your request and we will customize it for you for a cost. Please send us a request and we will quote you.

Question: How much PWM outputs do the board use? We need 3 fans and 3 for led light RGB
A:  There are two LED interfaces, one is 5V the other is 12-24V

Question: How much PWM outputs do the board use? We need 3 fans and 3 for led light RGB
A:  There are two LED interfaces, one is 5V the other is 12-24V

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